Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where the Wild Thing Are:

Here are some dresses that I made awhile back. The movie, “Where the Wild Things Are” inspired my photos. My friend and I were so cold while taking these. Bye the end our feet were numb. We had lots of fun though.


  1. You and I have 2 things in common. 1. Chocolate chip cookies. 2. Stuffing our face with them. If it were socially acceptable I would put them in my ears as well, but I won't go there. I also want to say I love this batch of photos. The light is great in them. Very nice. Also I don't think you should call yourself a wannabe anything. If you have done something (like design dresses that people can actually wear) you are not a wannabe, you are a be. I think you should be very proud of yourself. I am and I don't even know you. Great Job!

  2. Great job! I love the style and your attitude. Go for it.
    I'd be flattered if you checked out my rambling, rural fashion blog:

  3. Just discovered your blog and girl, you are amazing.
    Keep up the good work and don't forget to have fun. :D


  4. My friend found this blog for me... this is amazing. You made that???!!! I can barely sew doll clothes, much less people clothes. That shoot looks like an editorial. And you're from Indiana (I am too). THIS IS AMAZINGGgg (wow I repeat myself a lot don't I?)