Saturday, February 8, 2014

Catch a Sunday

The other weekend it was a beautiful day in Savannah and a perfect time for a photo shoot!  Lately trench coats have been a go to garment that I always pull from my wardrobe.  It always makes me feel put together even when it's just thrown over a t-shirt and pair of jeans - which is especially great for those mornings when there's not much time to get ready (like when one's alarm clock goes off at the wrong hour and there's only 10 minutes to get to class.  Cough, cough.  I need a better alarm clock).
Trench Coat and backpack:
Leather shorts and blouse:  Thrifted + DIY work
Here's a page from my styling journal and inspiration photos for this shoot:

A very special thanks to my lovely friend Carly for taking a few behind the scene shots of this self portrait shoot for me!  Photographing in a city is very different than photographing in the country.  There are many more people walking around on streets than in the middle of country fields so there's more to be mindful of, but it's fun having this change of environment!

 I've been back in Savannah for over a month now and it's still so hard to believe that it's been that long. I feel like I was in Indiana with the cold weather just last week. (I'm sorry northerners I know it's freezing where you're at right now.)
I hope you're all having a great weekend so far!  What's your go to outfit when you don't have much time to get ready?


  1. Love this post! And love that you now WORK at Red Clover! I go there very often!! I hope to see you soon!

  2. Very great photo shoot! I almost had to move to Savannah last year because of my dads job and if we had, I would come by and say Hi! But... I'm in Kansas so... Anyway, my favorite short-time outfit is skinny jeans, converse with a pea coat and 60s headband with hair down or pulled up either way. I like to think it's effortlessly chic? Fun to look at these photos, thanks!

  3. Love a good trench as well! Yours look so darling! And thanks for sharing the She & Him video - how charming it is!
    xoxo, Lindsey Dish

  4. What a beautiful shoot. I love seeing how you story boarded it.

  5. Well, it's true that wearing a trench coat is always classy and elegant but when I don't have much time to get ready I wear a dress because it's easy :)

    I've never seen this video before! Thanks for sharing <3 It's great! And I loveeeee Zooey so much!

    Amazing post as always!

    Sybille from

  6. It's nice to see your smile! Lovely pictures as usual. Your city shots are so different than your rural home shots. Different in a good way. Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Esther, these photos give me the best feeling. In particular I can't get enough of that first one. I love your inspiration sketch as well. For Winter my go to outfit is black skinny jeans, a band t-shirt, a short sleeved denim button down unbuttoned, and my all black Converse. x

  8. God i love your blog and everything you do so much you're so inspiring and talentuous <3
    i love sewing to but procastination most of the time you know...