Saturday, April 5, 2014

Green Thumb

Wow, it has seriously been too long since I've last shared my work with you!  To play quick catch up - I'm now in the third quarter of my freshman year at SCAD.  I only have 8 more weeks to go till I'm back home to the lovely fields of Indiana.  Savannah is gorgeous, but I'm starting to miss open space, and the smell of dirt, and the sound of birds as they start to migrate back north.

During my week of spring break I started planting a small garden and fixing up my backyard.  I wanted to start a project that gave me a break from creating constantly.  I forgot how much I missed the smell of dirt as one works with it.  There's nothing better than a slightly rainy day in spring and working in the garden and feeling satisfied.  I still have a lot to fix up, but I'm hoping by the time I go back home the backyard will look brand new and there will be a few vegetables for my roommates!
Kaftan:  Handmade Esther from the Sticks
Maxi dress and necklace:  Red Clover Boutique
Photography:  Esther Boller

I made my Kaftan throw over just the other day.  It''s made from chiffon and I'm thinking of making another one in a jersey knit.  I'll be posting a tutorial on how to make one in my next post!  A Kaftan is such an easy garment to make and you don't even need a lot of sewing experience to make one.  If you can sew a few inches, then you can definitely make this garment!

As far as other projects, school tends to take up most of my work time, but I have made a couple dresses that I'm looking forward to sharing with you!  I also have some school projects from last quarter that I plan on sharing soon once I find the time to document it all.
I hope you're all having a fantastic spring so far!


  1. oh i can't wait for the tutorial. you are so lovely and these images just speak to me of spring and a warm, delightful afternoon.

  2. beautiful porchscape for a beautiful young lady relaxing in her beautiful clothing !!!!!
    Love reading your updates !!! Carol Adams

  3. Love all the colors and plants! You look like spring personified!

  4. Such a gorgeous look! The print of that dress is so fun and the kaftan you made matches perfectly! :)

  5. you look great, so summery and breezy and colorful!

  6. Love your photos they look amazing

  7. Beautiful photos! Can't wait to see your tutorial and the stuff you made this year.

  8. Your dress is so pretty, love it! I love nature and I think your little garden is beautiful.

    Much Love,

  9. Wow! These pictures turned out beautiful! I adore the pattern of the maxidress, just lovely

  10. Love the colors and prints! Aaand what is more awesome is that you made that. Beautiful and inspiring images.


  11. Hi Esther, I'm a bride-to-be from Perth, Western Australia. I chanced on your blog tonight while searching for a unique bridal designer. I saw the gold beaded wedding dress you made, and my heart nearly stopped :) your creativity is just what I've been looking for. Would you be willing to make a replica for my Big Day (in April) next year? You can name any price. Bless, Cody :)

  12. I was just curious as to what editing software(s) you use. Particularly your photos with light leaks and such. Thank you!

  13. I look forward to the tutorial, I was thinking of making one for myself recently!