Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Outfit: Black and White

All photographs are self portraits taken by myself. 

I'm now in my 2nd week of classes and it feels so wonderful to be back on a school schedule and taking fashion classes!  So far I'm really enjoying my draping course.  We're currently learning how to drape a Basic Bodice Slopper, which is the foundation block for learning pattern drafting.

One day last week for homework we were assigned to pull a single cross grain thread from two separate panels of fabric.  This is done to find the correct grain for when we start draping.  Well pulling a single thread out of fabric is a very tedious job, and just one panel takes about two hours.  Halfway through my 2nd panel I thought, "I'm actually really enjoying this.  Oh my goodness - I'm pulling a thread and I'm having so much fun!"  Ha.  I'm curious for how I'll feel when I get further into the course, and I'm taught even more than just pulling thread.  Needless to say I'm sure I'll enjoy it!

Funny story by the way: my professor assigned my class a summer break assignment with only 10 days to complete it before it was due, which was the first week of class.  When I got the e-mail I automatically went into an intensely, focused, research mode.  I turned down a lot of opportunities to hang out with friends, and I spent over 70 hours trying to complete this project in time.  Well, my first day of class my professor went over her expectations for the summer assignment, and I realized that I mis-interpreted what was due at the first week.  It turns out that what I completed was actually half of my final project that's due at the end of the quarter.  So I finished half of my final project before the first day of class even started.  Ha.  I'm going to go back and start over/revise it a lot when the time comes, but at least I have a good start on the direction that I want my final project to go.

Jacket -  Sheinside (This is such a comfortable lightweight jacket!)
Shirt - H&M, sale section
Skirt - Thirfted
Belt - Thrifted
Shoes - Thirfted
Hat - Thrifted

It feels really great to be back in Savannah.  I didn't share this with you, but last year was a really hard time for me in my personal life.  I had a lot of new adjustments (first year of college/first time in a new state) and I was also still deeply grieving my brother's suicide that happened just the year before.  Emotionally, a lot hit me all at once when I wasn't expecting it, and it's taken most of last year to process and slowly walk through it.

Looking back, I can tell that I'm in so much of a better place coming into this school year than I was last year.  I'm still going to have moments where the grief hits, but I realized that I feel a lot better prepared since more time has passed.  I've learned how to take it slower on the days when I'm saddened, and I know how to be enjoy and appreciate the times when I'm at happy, and it's not on my mind.   Overall, I feel really settled about starting this year.  Thank you to everyone who showed such love and support to me last year.  It meant the world to me.


  1. Love this outfit, the skirt is so pretty! :)
    And wowza, at least you made some nice progress, haha. Better than not having it done in case it was good
    That does sound like a really tough year! I know the feeling, I've had some of those in the past as well. But it always gets better, with time. :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words about my outfit and on life! I agree, time does make all the difference in the world :)

  2. Is it possible to follow your blog through email notification? Tired of ads on Bloglovin and I don't do Facebook.... Thanks

    1. Hi Annie! Hmmm - I'm not sure. I'm pretty bad with tech stuff, but let me look into it to see if I can make that an option! You can follow through your blogger account, or if you use any other social media account besides facebook, I do update my twitter and instagram when I have a new blog post.

      Let me do some research though and I'll get back with you!

  3. wow!! you have a wonderful blog! I'm following you!!
    it would be great if you could visit mine and follow me back!thanks a lot!


  4. such a wonderful outfit <3 I love your skirt!

    Best Michaela

  5. Hi Esther, I really enjoyed reding this post! I started with fashionschool (in Austria) just 3 weeks ago, it is my first year. It's so interesting and inspiring to hear stories from other schools and see what other students are doing, I loved your final dress project!

  6. You will learn to embrace your grief. Those moments keep your brother alive in your heart.

    Good luck on year two!

    1. Thank you Bunny for your kind words. Yes, I have slowly learned how to take it in strides. Grieving a very complicated and confusing journey, and it's taken a long time to process through some of the emotions.

      Also, I have not forgotten about your interview! I've been working on it this past week so I will send it to you soon. Thank you for being so patient with my slow pace :)

  7. Wish you a better year, and only time will help with the grieving process-which I'm sure you are realizing. It's so good that you have gotten off to a great start to this school year. May it be the beginning to a fabulous one!

    Much Love,

    1. Aw thank you Tania for your sweet words and well wishes! Yes, grieving does involves a lot of time and emotional energy. I think of it like a box. A box has several different sides, and each side is a different emotion. You spend a long time stuck looking over one side of the box. After a while you feel like you're good, and that you understand that side. Then the box flips and it's suddenly a new side to process. It's still the same box, but it's now a different emotion. Grieving is a constant flipping of sides and emotional processing.

      I hope that made sense. It made sense in my head. haha :)

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  9. Esther, I'm so glad to hear you're feeling more well-adjusted this year. And I'm so excited that you're posting stuff again! I am also taking Draping right now, at New York Fashion Academy, and know exactly your feeling of happiness over silly things like pulling thread. The other day in my Pattern-Making class we had to cut out little paper pattern shapes. I was so happy just sitting there using a pair of scissors. In class I feel like I'm in kindergarten again, doing all these fun things with my hands.

  10. P.S. You look so grown up in this photo shoot, very elegant and mature. Work it, girl!

  11. Your comment about pulling the thread made me laugh! And your photography skills are amazing, you seem so full of life and confidence in your self-portraits! It doesn't show at all that you're struggling on the inside, at times - very glad to read that you are feeling better now and having such a great time at school. Grief about your brother will come to you, it's only natural that it does - you loved him and cared about him and he left in very sad circumstances. It makes you human to feel the pain and confusion, and humani ty in itself is something to embrace, not shy away from.

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