Saturday, July 23, 2016

Childhood Story Process

This project was all about research in terms of textile development.  I took the concept of my family memories and then I had to figure out a way to turn that into a fabric.  There was a lot of experimenting with resin casting for embellishments and PVC printing.  I like the way the PVC printing turned out and ended up using this for the final.

The process pages about my parents stories are up next!


  1. hehe. i'm slightly frustrated here: already tried to comment for a few times on your brilliant work! so cool and inspiring to see how you combine your personal story, healing with the process of designing a fabric/outfit, very cool :) loved the sentence in your other post: In the beginning of each class I would hear, "Process is about experimenting so experiment!" When in reality what they actually meant was, "highly curate each page so it looks pretty." so true.. i always love imperfections etc but then you run the risk of being seen as someone that cannot really judge whether someone is good or not.. ahwell.. complicated things.. i think you're doing a wonderfull job. Btw, a few weeks ago i was at MOMU, the fashion museum in antwerp.. aside from a wonderfull exhibition on changing silhouets/christobal balenciaga one of the students work was exhibited: Charlotte Pittoors with her collection 'how to catch a fish' your inspiration pages remind of her work as shown there!

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