Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Family Stories Pt. 2

Thank you all for your kind comments about this project so far!  I'm sharing today what all the layers look like together.  This is my favorite part of this project, because it really shows it all as a story. 
The above video is a little short stop motion trailer - I'm trying to make it into a longer motion media where I take each layer, zoom in, and move it so all the layers feel like one continued interacting scene.   That way the frames can be seen for longer and in a more playful way.  That's been taking me a bit of time, and might be a while though.

Since all scenes were so quick here are a few of my favorite pages layered together. 

I had to turn this concept into a fashion collection and a garment for a class so I'll be sharing that process next!


  1. I love seeing your work. Thanks follow sharing!

  2. You are such a truly creative person, this is fantastic! I cannot wait to see it all finished!