Thursday, August 26, 2010

Flower Among the Weeds:

Sorry for the slowness in posting again. My computer has something wrong with it and it’s been really annoying! It won’t let me do hardly anything…hopefully it will get fixed soon.

I’m so excited!! I just ordered a pair of vintage roller skates!!!!! I’ve wanted a pair ever since I can remember! Why you ask? Because they are the coolest thing that you can put on your feet! :D

I made this dress like a month ago. It’s made from jersey knit and has an open lace back. It’s pretty simple to make, but I really like it. This dress will be for sale in my Etsy shop once it opens. My beautiful friend Amanda cam over a while back and we had a fun time goofing off and taking pictures. Always a fun thing to do. :)

Hope you’re having a great day!


  1. absolutely adore your blog! dress goes perfectly with the scenery, i can't believe you made the dress! so pretty!

    don't forget to check out my little giveaway :)

  2. esther your posts continue to impress me! camp was sad without you there I'd hear your name and hope you were there :[

  3. you have amazing talent - designing something than actually turning it into a real life material piece! looking forward to your Etsy shop!

    drop by for a visit! - will be throwing a giveaway soon!

    x Your Only Blackswan

  4. That dress is beautiful, I can't believe you made that. The lace looks gorgeous.

  5. Amazing dress! It is stunning!

    Just came across your blog! It is lovely!

  6. great dress :D
    hope to see u in my blog :)
    DaisyLine from

  7. wonderful blog - i love your photos <3

  8. Whoo Hoo! How pretty Esther! What a fun blog too. I'll add you to my blogroll :)

  9. cute pictures!


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