Monday, April 15, 2013

Yesterday's Fire are Today's Ashes

Finally!  The warm spring weather is officially starting to hit Indiana.  You might not recognize this church. I've taken lots of photo shoots here in the past, but the appearance has changed quite dramatically   This past fall some vandals were playing around it and somehow the building caught on fire and burnt down.  It's amazing how just one small accident can change a building into something completely unrecognizable.  Even burnt down it's still a beautiful landmark to take pictures at.  It reminds me of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, when Violet, Klaus, and Sunny revisit their burnt down home for the first time.  It's melancholic and beautiful at the same time. 

Shorts:  Forever 21
Tights:  Thrfiited
Doc Martins:  Gift from my cousin
Leather Bag:  Thrifted
Sunglasses:  Thrifted. 

I made this jacket about a year and a half ago over Christmas break, but I just now finally got around to photographing it.  It seems like I have far too many sewing projects that still need to be photographed.  Some days it's hard trying to come up with new ideas when my environment is always the same.  I've been looking for new locations to take photos lately and I found some places that I'm excited about.  Now I just need to set time aside so I can focus on shooting my work more often.     

  I hand drafted this jacket pattern using my own measurements.   The jacket is fully lined and was constructed using the same technique of drafting a princess style seam bodice.  There are hidden pockets in the front alongside the zipper.   The sleeves have ribbed knit, jersey strips as part of the underneath sleeve so there’s easement in the arms to make it more comfortable.  I found all the fabric at Wal-Mart in their clearance section.   This jacket has had lots of use, and I'm thinking about making another one in a camel color sometime soon.  What do you think?

All photos taken myself

I hope you're all having a lovely Monday! 


  1. Gorgeous photographs, as always. I hope you can make more time to photograph those garments that you have made.

    You should definitely make another one. This jacket is a great staple piece and you clearly get a lot of wear out of it. Besides, I absolutely love the hidden pockets idea! Great work.

  2. the jacket is amazing! you're one talented lady! x

  3. ahh lovely! thought it may have been leather....sneaky!!
    looks great, need to make myself a jacket!

  4. this jacket is amazing and I really like the photoshoot. I wish we had some store like Wal-Mart here, I had no idea you can buy fabrics there

  5. That jacket is stunning. I immediately clicked through to see whether you were selling it in your shop!

  6. Your photography and dressmaking are always gorgeous! I would love it if you would consider posting brief tutorials or such of the things you make, you really inspire my sewing :)

  7. This jacket is amazing. I really hope you find time over the summer to get photos of all your work. I feel that it gives you a sense of completeness once you have a record of your work.

  8. Photography is really beautiful. I'm amazed that you took all those photos of yourself.

  9. I love Dr Martens boots! I wish I had gotten them as a gift from my cousin! Geez what a nice cousin :)
    On another note, you are very talented. You will do very well at SCAD!

  10. Gorgeous jacket!! I was thinking of making a motorbike jacket-y thing at some point and you may have just pushed me to do it :)