Monday, June 17, 2013

Orla Kiely Inspired Skirt

All photos taken myself
Hat: Thrifted Gift from my sister
Sweather:  Thrifted
Belt: Forever 21
Heels:  Sears 

I made this skirt a couple of years ago based off of an Orla Kiely design.  It was during the time when I was obsessed with everything made from her.  Every collection has a beautiful vintage nostalgic feel that I can only compare to the feeling I get after watching a Wes Anderson film.  The way she works with prints and colors is genius, and she'll always be one of my favorite designers.  

The skirt was made using a linen fabric I found in the $1 section at Wal-Mart (where else).  It's a simple gathered skirt with an invisible zipper in the back.  There are two layers on the skirt that overlay each other and hidden pockets in the sides of the skirt.  The bottom hem line was finished using hand made 1 inch bias tape made from muslin.  I know that muslin is normally used for mock ups, but I liked the color, plus it saved a bit of money.  Here's a tutorial I made a while back for The Drifter and the Gypsy on how to sew bias tape.  You can check it out here.

My graduation party was this last weekend.  Ever since I first started sewing in the 7th grade I've been going to Wal-Mart to buy my fabric.  Not only are there really cool fabric finds, but also the ladies who work there are incredibly kind and lovely.  So I was very excited when I saw that Susan and Jackie from the fabric department came to my graduation party!  I was truly blessed by their presence, and I felt so honored that they came.  If you have a fabric department in your Wal-Mart get to know the ladies, because they are truly some of the nicest people you'll ever meet!

Thanks Susan, Jackie, and Evelyn for all the hard work that you put into your department!  I have loved getting to know you!  


  1. stunning photos and gorgeous outfit! You look amazing!

    Hayley xx

  2. You have an amazing talent. Love your blog, looks, work and photos. You're an inspiration.

  3. I love that these ladies game to your graduation party!! What a fun community. Congratulations and wishing you lots of great experiences in university!

  4. So beautiful! Perfect pictures and that skirt is amazing! Alex

  5. Aw, my Gramma used to be the fabric lady at our local WalMart. They don't have a fabric section at our WalMart anymore.

  6. wow this looks wonderfully ethereal!

  7. Ohhh you are so great!

    Susan (from Brazil and from

  8. I can't wait until you are designing for the masses, because I would love to see your ingenious clothing in stores! Beautiful skirt, as always!

  9. How honest of you to recognize and honor other people´s good job. These ladies must adore you. Applause.

  10. I don't know why, but that seriously just made my day. Haha, that's awesome!!!!! :)