Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Cookie Thief:

I’ve been reading a lot of Sherlock Holmes lately so I thought, why not a photo tribune? I amazingly got my little brother in on the action. He’s wearing my trench coat that I made…it was a little small on him though.

David: “My circulation is being cut off!!”
Me: “Just stay there for 2 more seconds!”
David: “I can’t!!!”
… let’s just say I owe him big time. I’ll probably have to put my dog on a diet from all the Oreos she ate. She doesn't obey the command, “Leave it,” very well. I’ll have to work with her on that. Haha. But overall it was a very fun day.


  1. Haha too cute, what great facial expressions!

  2. I love it! How could you make a trench coat?? You have crazy sewing skillzz.

  3. OMG that's so funny!!! and the trench coat!! i loved it. great photo shoot and your brother is such a cutie pie.

  4. What a cute photo tribute! It made me smile. Way to go for your little brother! He did a great job. And of course the "villain" in the story - so cute with that innocent look on her face! This reminds me of when I was little and my brother and I would record ourselves narrating stories and making sound effects for them... What memories :-)

  5. I grew up with Corgis and it's true, they will eat anything and everything they can reach. Great series.

  6. Always a pleasure to meet a fan of Sherlock Holmes.

    Nice pics.