Saturday, March 5, 2011

There's a Possiblity

Hey you guys! Sorry for not posting a whole lot. I’ve been pretty busy with school and work, (saving up for a new camera). :D I just finished making this dress this morning. I used the retro Butterick 5209 pattern. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. I messed up a little on the back though, but that’s ok…I was going to fix it, but I was feeling rather lazy. I hope you enjoy!

My photos aren’t really anything special. I just went outside and played around pretending I could dance. Haha actually there’s a road right by that field where I was taking pictures and after a while of shooting I notice jogger staring at me. And here I was spinning and jumping around with my self timer on…he must have thought I was a complete loon! Haha.

So a couple of you have asked for some sewing tips so here’s a tip that I learned a while back and it’s really helped.

TIP #1. If you’re working on a project where you have to gather a lot, put elastic thread in the bobbin and shirr it. You’ll save a bunch of time and you’ll get a more even gather.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend!


  1. I get so excited about your posts! Beautiful dress and dancing by a road is total commitment to the arts. xx

  2. so beautiful & so inspiring!!! x


  3. that dress is so beautiful! I hope one day I can make things like you!

  4. your pictures are beautiful as always!
    the dress looks similar to the swing dress pattern that Casey is using for her sew-along.

  5. oohhhh its so pretty! The color is lovely. Also, that field you're in looks JUST like the field next to my house! Seriously, you could be standing in my backyard.

  6. hehe--i've had awkward self-timer moments too. :D
    what kinda of camera? I'm getting a holga (urban outfitters) for my birthday in a couple weeks.
    love the color of the dress!

    check out my blog again? ( i know you're busy.)

  7. You ARE a complete loon! (all the best people are, of course.)

  8. i so think that one day i will wake-up and have that dress. its beautiful and eye catching

  9. Thanks everyone!

    Miss Black - Maybe I am in your backyard! Haha.

    Lucy - Yay for Alice in Wonderland! Haha your comment made my day. :)

    Hannah- I'm saving up for the Nikon d7000. One of my friends had one and he let me try it out and I just loved the performance of it. Plus I'm in a real need for a point and shoot just isn't doing it for me anymore. :(