Sunday, July 15, 2012

What's your dream?...

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get to go to New York again…if I’ll ever make it. It’s not so much about New York in itself, but it’s what New York means for me. It means that I’m one step closer to my dream…which sometimes feels so far away. I feel so small sometimes and I wonder if I’ll ever be able to make it. It’s not about making it big money wise (it’s never been that way for me), but it’s about knowing that the passion that God has placed inside of me is for real. At times my dream feels so real to me - like I just know that it's what I'm supposed to do....Do you ever feel that way?

(^taking a shuttle through Harlem at 2am to make our flight back home)

I know that I'm not the best writer so this may all sound silly…but it’s true. I know that many of you have a dream - a huge dream - a dream that’s so big you wonder if anyone else will ever understand the urgency of it. For me, it’s getting to New York…what’s your dream?


  1. I like the way you write. You express yourself very well. Keep dreaming big. God will lead the way.

  2. New York is my dream, and I'm living it! I graduated high school early and I didn't know why at the time, but God had huge plans for me & sent me to New York where I'm going to college. It's a dream come true and even better because I know I'm following His path for me! If He wants you there, He'll get you there. You could probably get into FIT, your fashion design skills are amazing. I know this comment is ridiculous and long, but I'm a huge fan of your blog and I just wanted to offer some encouragement!
    - Hannah

  3. I think it would be great to see you on a show like Project Runway! You have more than enough creativity and your skills are great. God blessed you with a wonderful path ahead!

  4. well, just the same with you not New York, but Japan. I know exactly what you feel...

  5. I think the difference between the people who achieve their dreams isn't so much talent (which you have in buckets) but self-belief. It's what you need to hold onto once you get to New York, and whenever the real world knocks you back. You just have to make it work!

  6. I hope you achieve your dream. Also on a more superficial note, I love your photographs of New York.

  7. Esther, you are unique, and so is your style and your sensibility, you deserve to make it, and I really hope you will. Keep going !

  8. I understand what you mean. I always felt like I was born to find my place in the word away from here, a little italian town. I want to travel around the world and join an international organization, help who needs help. And I've taken the first step choosing the perfect university, but the road is so hard and long..
    Good luck, you are so talented that I'm sure that you will reach your goals.

  9. I just moved to New York from Indianapolis. Hoping to make my dreams come true as well while currently struggling to pay for college and rent haha...ahh just hopefully it will all be worth it some day! I have seen your work and it's amazing, so keep following your dreams!! <3

  10. Mine is getting to England. Unfortunately, my husband doesn't understand.

    Go for it :)

  11. You have the talent and the faith to do anything you set your mind to. I was in NYC for the Scholastic Art Awards and your dress amazed me. I literally stared at it for like a half hour. God will do great things through you!

  12. Hello Esther,

    Let me just tell you that I loved this post and it spoke to me. So, I think this will be a long comment, so please bare with me!

    They way you described how you are feeling really made sense to me. I understand how you are feeling and I greatly appreciate your honesty. You do not sound silly at all my dear. One sentence that you wrote especially hit me fully in the heart.

    "it’s about knowing that the passion that God has placed inside of me is for real."

    Perfect! I read this and I let out a sigh of relief at hearing something so simple yet powerful. Those sixteen words are the perfect ones to describe my hearts cry as of late. So I may have to save it in my "quotes" document (with full credit to you of course) I have saved on my computer if that is alright with you!
    Like you, I too have a dream. But sometimes I just want a confirmation as to wether this passion is a direction from the Lord or if it is just something I have grasped on to that is distracting me from my true calling. But I fully believe that he places passions within our hearts for a reason. It may take time to fully realize those reasons and His plan for us, but I would rather wait patiently and let his plan unfold in its time in complete perfection. What is life without faith right?
    God is so incredibly good. He has gifted you with such an incredibly special talent, and He will work through your life and do awesome things.


  13. My dream is most definitely moving to New York to pursue my dream of becoming an actress. My dream school is Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory where I plan on majoring in Musical Theatre. I know that these two dreams are nearly impossible to achieve, but I trust that God will show me his true will for what he wants me to do, and I'll try to follow it no matter what it is.

  14. I can definitely understand where you are coming from. Designing genderless clothing in London is my dream and I am working toward getting there. It does get frustrating waiting but my aunt said something great that has stuck with me. "find some everyday that you can do that gets your closer to achieving your goal." No matter how small it may seem you didnt start off walking and achieving goals is the same. Its all about the journey and the peoople and place you stop off along the way.

    Best doll