Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer Flying into Fall

Oh wow, it feels like it’s been forever! How was your summer? What was your highlight? I always love hearing everyone’s summer plans (:

My summer just flew by way too fast. I started school last week and it has been going non-stop. I’m applying to different colleges this fall and it’s been so time consuming. Right now I’m just organizing all of my art work that I have done over the years. My room looks like a bomb went off, but instead of shrapnel being everywhere; drawings are spewed in every corner of my room. Haha.

This is a dress that I made way back in December. I just now got around to photographing it. It's fully lined, has a key hole in the front and an invisible zipper in the side. I have so many clothes that I made this summer and hopefully I’ll have time to photograph them sometime soon.

I hope that you’re having a spectacular day, and if you have time, I'd love to hear about your summer (:


  1. So glad to see you post again Esther! What was the highlight of my summer you ask? Probably getting a new horse and making around 600 bars of soap! LOL Hope you're doing lovely darling and I can't wait to see some more clothing pics! :)xoxo Katie

    1. Thanks for writing me Kaite and for still following me after my long absence. Oh wow, 600 bars of soap?! Wow, that's amazing! That must have taken so much time! I bet that feels like a huge accomplishment. It's sounds like you had a really awesome summer and congratulations on your new horse! (:

  2. Hi Esther :). It's nice to see you back! Your dress is lovely, like all the clothing you make!

    My summer also flew by WAY TOO FAST. Oh my. The highlight of my summer is going to Mackinac Island this weekend :). I haven't been there since I was a kid. It's still summer, right?

    Good luck in school & with applications!

  3. Nice to read from you Esther.
    On the third picture you look a lot like french actress Isabelle Huppert - take it as a compliment, she's a brilliant and very stylish actress. Well maybe that's something you've heard before ;)
    Good luck with your new college. I'm starting a fashion drawing course next month and i'm really excited so i have a hint of what you feel now. Enjoy every bit of it !

  4. :'( its almost spring here so you are going to have to wait a while for me to get back to you on that one. Lovely pictures, and that fabric looks pretty amazing on you. there is no way that i would look anywhere near as nice in that! Hope u enjoyed your summer, look forward to all your posts to come...!

  5. I've followed you for like three weeks,I guess. I really love your blog and your clothes. btw I'm looking forward to see all the clothes you made this summer, Esther (: you're such an inspiration and super talented!!!!

    kind of your fan from thailand ! <3

  6. these are beautiful photos, you are gorgeous and very talented. i love your dress and this is stunning photography. i wish i could sew as well as you.
    X jane


  7. I love all your posts, your photography is always so inspirational! And your hair catches light so beautifully. Good luck with college apps. You're 17 and so so talented. I'm sure you'll end up somewhere great!


  8. Highlight of my summer, finding your wonderful blog! my friend showed it to me a few months ago and I spent a few days just staring in awe at the beautiful stuff you make and the pictures and everything!