Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Art Portfolio 2012

I finally have my portfolio together! Yay! It feels so good to finally have everything in one folder. It's taken me forever just to collect and photograph everything. Here are some of the sewing/photography/video works that I have done over the past three years.

Artist statement/statement of purpose:

I work with a lot of different mediums which are all connected, but my main love is Fashion Design. I love the feel of working with the different textiles when sewing and seeing a blank piece of fabric be turned into a 3-dimensional piece of clothing that someone could wear. I’m a very visual artist so when I’m creating I’m constantly thinking about who would be the wearer and where the garment would be worn.

I also work a lot with photography and film making as well. Clothing and costume design is such a big part of both of these areas of my work. When I work with each medium I don’t look at them as separate, but something that’s interconnected to tell a story. Clothing has the ability to completely transform an image into a different place in time, or help create a certain mood that I was trying to capture in a story

Masking Tape Dress: 2012.

Foil dress: 2010.

Draped hand sewn gown: 2010.

Hand beaded lace gown inspired by leaves: 2010.

Vintage style, handmade piped swimsuit with boning: 2012. The pattern is hand drafted.

Pleated bow dress with pockets in the side: 2012. Design and pattern are my own.

Vintage inspired dress with covered buttons down the back: 2012. Design and pattern are my own.

Fully lined chiffon keyhole dress with hidden pocket in the side: 2012. The pattern was hand drafted.

Fully lined oversize collar jacket: 2012. Hand drafted pattern.

Chiffon piped gathered dress: 2012. The pattern is Hand drafted.

Floral cotton pocket jumper dress with buttons in the back: 2010.

Fully lined baseball jacket: 2009. (this was actually my first jacket pattern that I ever drafted).

Navy sailor coat with white piping detail: 2010.

1950s inspired bow coat: 2011.

Couture red feather cocktail dress: 2012. Pattern was hand drafted.

Vintage style chiffon necktie blouse: 2012.

Hand painted print carnival dress with a bow waist: 2011. Pattern was hand drafted.

Vintage inspired winter wool coat with white piping detail: 2011.

Vintage inspired cotton button swimsuit: 2012. Hand drafted pattern.

Hand painted floral boots: 2012.

Chiffon dress with lace inset and gathered detail: 2012.

Gathered pocket dress with horizontal pleats 2012. The pattern was hand drafted.

Peach jersey tank top with lace details: 2010. (This was the first blouse that I ever made without a pattern).

Self portrait photography: 2011 - Hear the Silence.

Self portrait photography and handmade lace dress: 2011 - In Search of Neverland.

Self portrait photography and handmade sailor dress and coat: 2010 - The Life of a Sailor.

Self portrait photography: 2010 - Late for the Ball.

Self portrait photography and handmade jersey summer dress: 2010- Bedtime in the Forest

Self portrait photography and handmade sewn coat and hand crocheted scarf: 2012- In the Dark.

Self portrait photography 2012: - Fire in my Bones.

Self portrait photography: 2012 - Writers Block

Self portrait photography: 2011 - Baby you Can Drive my Car.

Self portrait photography: 2012 - Pretty Bird.

Portrait photography: 2012 - A Drop in the Ocean

Portrait drawing: 2010.

Self portrait drawing: 2012.

Portrait drawing: 2010

Life drawing sketch: 2012.

A short film: 2011 - Hide'n go Seek.

Short Documentary: 2011 - Cookie Baking Weekend.

A self filmed video: 2011 - Dreams are Sails. (this was actually the first film that I ever made).
Dreams Are Sails from Esther Boller on Vimeo.

A self filmed video: 2012 - Where I don't Feel Alone. This film is dedicated to my brother Daniel.

Where I don't Feel Alone from Esther Boller on Vimeo.

Thank you so much for following my art work over the past three years. I've really appreciated all of your support and kind words of encouragement (:

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Your talent floors me, Esther! I love everything you do, duh ;). For your self portrait, I prefer the pose in the black and white photo, but I love the color! I hope that helps ;). Good luck!

  2. These are gorgeous! I'm very impressed. :-)

  3. seriously. this is incredible. i am in complete awe of your talent.

  4. incredible work Esther! And it's awesome to see it all in one post. I too like the black and white photo ;)

  5. You are so talented. And the video dedicated to your brother is... beautiful.

  6. I really love your work and have followed your blog for long. Thank you for sharing your beautiful portfolio, I hope the best for you.

  7. You are one talented piece of God's work. Praying that God will do amazing things through your life. xx

  8. Beautiful! They'll be lucky to have you. I prefer the black and white bird one. I think it highlights the composition more.

  9. I held my breath scrolling at these beautiful pictures. You are amazing.

  10. I follow your blog and love seeing your new work - beautiful pieces and beautiful photography, you are so talented :)

    I really like all the elements in the two Pretty Bird photos but honestly they both feel a little off to me composition-wise...you have so many gorgeous images it's like I get to those two and just want to reposition everything a bit so that they stand up to all the others...

    Good luck with your applications; I suspect you are going to have your pick of schools!

  11. It's an incredible portfolio - if that doesn't get you noticed by the people you want to be noticed by - then I'll be damned! Love your work.

  12. You are extremely talented and I love following your blog being a lover of fashion design also. a great inspiration. Good luck with your applications!

  13. holy cats. you are one talented young woman.

  14. Esther I love following your blog and seeing you grow month by month. I've only been reading for about a year now but you have got to be one of my favorite young women! Your drive, passion, creativity, and your love of getting it all done is such an inspiration to everyone at any age. Keep it up! I can't wait to see where you go in the future.

  15. So incredibly talented, I've thoroughly enjoyed watching you work through these projects and look forward to many more!

  16. Thank you for sharing your portfolio with us. Your work is astonishing. You are going to thrive at whichever lucky school you choose. I expect they will be knocking at your door as soon as they see your portfolio. So excited for you, Esther!

  17. Theses are just amazing. Both your photography and your dress making skill, take my breath.

  18. You are so talented! I am absolutely amazed. Prayers for your success in your future endeavors, and thank you for sharing these things with us through this blog! I hope to hear more good things about you in the future.

  19. I saw a photo of yours featured on All This Happiness! Excited to recognize one of my favorite bloggers.

    Love from Fort Wayne,

  20. I discovered your blog through Burdastyle and I think that you are extremely talented!I love all of your work and you are a big inspiration!Your portfolio looks amazing!Good luck with all your applications!

  21. WoW! Its all so beautiful; you are very impressive. I'm 20 and just finishing my first knitted sweater (you make me feel late to the party:. What great work, I'm sure you have a future in this.

  22. Wow did you design all that clothing? Your photos are beautiful from one Esther to another! :)

  23. Just amazing! You have the gift of creating beauty....God's going to take you places!

  24. I especially love the floral jumpet pocket dress--(will have to try and figure out how to make a similar myself,) the blue bathing suit, and the horizontal pleats dress. you're an amazing artist--God has given you great gifts. xoxox.

  25. I just watched that last video, it is beautiful. You are incredibly talented, in all the areas you've applied yourself to. I've checked in on your blog every now and then for a few years now, and It's really neat to see all the wonderful things you've done. Good luck with college things. God bless. :)

  26. You are so talented! I love finding creative and inspiring work, it even pushes me to work harder.

  27. Hey I don't know if you know this but your masking tape dress is featured in threads magazine (issue 165: Feb/march 2013) page79 from scholastic awards thing that you did awhile back. Honestly you are so talented and any college would be lucky to have you. I will be defiantly on the lookout for your designs when you become famous! I know you will be a great world renowned fashion designer in the future I can feel it. :)

  28. you are phenomenal.

  29. you are seriously amazing. wonderful job with everything you've done, and best of luck with college decisions!

  30. Wow, the videos are absolutely incredible!You have SO much talent as a cinematographer!!!! The one that you made for your brother gave me chills- my good friend's brother just passed away a few weeks ago so it reminds me of her :-(

  31. the picture where you're laying wearing glasses, reminds me a lot of Rockie Nolan, fashion photographer og http://www.wanderlust.com, in fact you resemble to her, in my opinion, but don't get me wrong, I have just come across your blog and I think you're one of the most talented bloggers i've seen so far in this blogosphere. This is truly an inspirational blog. I consider myself a selftaught photographer, filming it is also one of the things that I love to do, but sadly i'm a full time worker and also studying and don't have enough time to film, editing and so on. I just wanted to say that and keep it up with your art, it is beautiful.

    Regards from Chile.

    Constanza Caiceo.

  32. What a talent. Totally inspiring and amazing!


  33. La Sewista (Bunny) mentioned your blog and I am so glad she did! Your work is amazing and any design program would be lucky to have you as a student. Many blessings as you pursue your dreams! :-)