Friday, May 24, 2013

Gatsby Prom: Part One - The Party

Here it is - the prom post!  The prom was last weekend and it was such an incredibly fun time.  The day after, Austin came over and we took our own prom photos.  So much time and work went into the creation of our outfits that we wanted to do a shoot that showed the details and told a creative story just as much as the garments themselves.  

For this shoot I had the idea of re-creating Gatsby's Party in my backyard.  After seeing Baz Lurman's take on Gatsby twice (yes, I saw it twice and I want to see it again) that film is the only inspiration that's been running through my head lately. So after 5 hours of set up Austin and I had a fun party of our own.

(click on image for correct size).

This was my first time experience going to a dance.  We went to prom with a whole group and I had such a fun time getting to meet and spend the night out with some really cool people.  I loved going over early to one of the girl's home and watching all of the excitement that's shared in getting ready for prom.  

Once we actually arrived it was fantastic being in a place where I could dance.  If anyone knows me well, they know that I love dancing!   I'm not very good at it, but I love it.  I'm that nerdy person who plays YouTube tutorials of "how to dance" in my room, at midnight, when everyone else in my house is asleep, and with my blinds tightly secured.  Overall is was a really fun and exciting time and I'm glad that I was able to be a part of it. 

^Our corsages are made with daises and myrtle flowers.  Get the characters in the book.  It was Austin's clever idea!

I will be posting details of the dress's construction along with more photos of our outfits in a day or two. 

Here's a preview from instagram

In the mean time, tell me about your prom and what it was like!  Any special memories with friends?  


  1. your dress is gorgeous and the pictures are beautiful! i'm glad you had such a wonderful time:-) x

  2. Love this post! Your dress is stunning and I just love the sweet shoot you guys did. :)

  3. lovely dress!

    Susan (

  4. Oh memories of prom! Mine was 8 years ago! How time flies! You look gorgeous and your friend is dashing :)

  5. You look stunning! Absolutely gorgeous! The dress turned out just beautiful. Glad to hear you had such a fun time. xoxo

  6. You all look so pretty!
    At my senior prom they had little fish swimming around in the vases on each table. After hearing my teacher's horror story about how they flush them after prom, I walked out with one of the vases hidden under my date's jacket! Turns out the prom committee was planning on keeping them as pets... I felt so guilty! Luckily they had extras, so I took another one home too!


  7. omg the dress you are wearing is beautiful! You look stunning <3

    Hayley xx

  8. I just LOVE that picture of you two doing the charleston (is it the charleston?). Gorgeous shoot, and your dress looks absolutely fantastic. I'm curious about the construction process!

  9. Your dress turned out amazing! Seriously, it is one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen, let alone you made it yourself!

  10. Esther, what is your email address? I tried the contact button but I don't have outlook set up.

  11. Everyone's dresses are adorable! Yours looks wonderful on you. :)
    - Hannah

  12. I also had my prom this school year, but in November (in Austria we have our proms at the beginning of the year).
    And I also had a wonderful time - but unfortunately it was over soo fast.... :/
    Your pictures are wonderful :)

  13. I never went to prom. I've gone to numerous dances and enjoy dancing immensely but I never attended the big one. Oh Esther, these picture have just made my day. I say them 2 hours before I went and saw Gatsby. They are magical! Love to you, girl!

  14. Here in Poland we have proms in January (100 days before finals) but I didn't go to my own prom - I don't regret it, our prom was more like big wedding or kind of regular party, unfortunately not themmed like yours. But these pictures are amazing, like all your pics as well! Wonderful blog ;)

  15. i'm so glad you had a good time and i'm so glad you shared the fabulous after-prom set-up. how great to have a creative bf: you're a great team.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment! It was definitely a lot of fun time. The dance and the set up! Although just to clarify, Austin is one of my good and dear friends - we are not dating (:

  16. Your dress is absolutely fabulous! I'm so amazed. I found your blog via Pinterest and Handmade Charlotte. Thanks for sharing--it's so inspiring!