Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Wanderlusting Vibes

Summer has always been my favorite time for reading.  Whenever I read a book it has to be at the right time when I don't have any other projects going on, otherwise I feel like I'm not fully focusing on the book.  Right now I'm in the middle of a book called Gypset Style by Julia Chaplin.  It talked about the intriguing style mixture of the carefree Gypsies, with the luxury of jet setters.  Gypsetters are usually creative people such as artist, writers, musicians, who travel to get away from their usual life in a busy city to refresh and regain inspiration.  They take boho style to the extreme in such an effortless looking way that's mesmerizing and enchanting.  After reading about them, I've noticed my own thought process about style starting to change.  I've started layering more and playing around by mixing colors.  The next book that's on my list is about the costumes design for Mad Men so I'm sure in a week my style will completely change to the big crinoline skirts of the 50s.  But that's what I find so great and fun about fashion; it doesn't have to stay the same, nor should it. 

Chiffon lace blouse:  Thrifted
Embroidered little girl's vest:  Thrifted
Blue beaded suede belt:  Thrifted 
Burnt orange suede shorts:  Forever 21
Guess sunglasses:  Thrifted (they still have their prescription in them, so I can't really wear them. ha).
Bracelet:  Hammy down from my mom. 
Hat:  Thrifted and then fixed up. 

All photos taken myself

 My favorite part about thrifting is turning an item into something totally different than what it first started as.  This hat has had a bit of work done on it.  When I first found it while thrifting a couple of years ago, it was tan with embroidered, pastel flowers on it.  It looked like something I would've worn for Easter when I was 8-years-old.  I fixed it up by seam-ripping the embroidery stitches out and then dyeing it with watered down, acrylic paint (because it's cheaper than dye).  After that I added feathers and some of my own bead work and now it's completely new hat. 

Happy Monday and I hope the start of your summer is full of new adventurous hope!  


  1. ohhh really great!

    Susan (from Brazil and from

  2. Totally stunning grrrl! I love this 'gypset' layering. I really relate to being inspired by what you are reading and I think it's really important to experiment and have fun with different styles. You have nailed this one! Wow I didn't know you could dye using acrylic paint!??!

  3. beautiful shots! that vest is rad:)

  4. Hello.

    After reading your blog for years,I'm finally making my first comment.
    I don't like commenting unless I can be found,otherwise I'm just words floating on your page.Yesterday I posted the first post on my own blog(something I've been working on for what feels like decades.I'll put the link at the bottom).

    I really love your blog.I love a lot of blogs,but yours has the best feel.I moved to Indiana when I was 11 and recently moved out in the summer of 2010.I live in Ca now,but I really miss the mid-west!
    Alongside ballet I hope to become a fashion designer.Here I've come across a lot more opportunities then back in IN (maybe it where I was living at that was the problem).Now I'm interning at a fashion boutique in midtown and the store manager told me that she thinks I'm going to be hired so I'm really excited!!
    As far as I can see,you don't really need to do interning and stuff-your already really good!I've hardly sewn anything and I'm 23!I just have the idea & sketches.And the dream.

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