Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gypsy Travelor

These are my last set of photos taken while in California.   I think I've said this before, but sunset is always my favorite time of day, and I've never seen a sunset as beautiful as it was in California!  

There was such a difference between the sunset overlooking the bay and the sunset overlooking the beach.  There's a desert area on the bay side with walking paths, which was incredibly still and quiet.  Like everything was just frozen in time.  I almost feel like that spot was created just for me to find and capture the time as the light went from an overwhelming golden to a still dark. 

 High Waisted Plaid Shorts:  DIY pants made into shorts
 Sandals:  Aldo
 Sunglasses:  H&M
Necklace:  DIY made from a drawer knob. 
 Headband:  DIY made from scrap fabric.

The sunset on the beach was a completely different story.  The beach was loud as the waves came towards you.  The white caps looked like mini charging horses that eventually fade into the overhead sun that was being reflected on the flat sandy shores.  Right as the sun would come down there was such a beautiful sense of peace, and I didn't want to move, because I felt like it would ruin the moment.

It's saddening that these are the last pictures I took while in California.  I want to go back so badly, but I think it might be a while longer yet.  I guess that just makes thinking about it even more special.  What's your favorite place that you've ever been to?  I love hearing stories of travel, because I dream of traveling all over one day.

I hope your July has been lovely and full of fantastic memories! 


  1. I love that time of day for photography as well. Great captures!

  2. ohhh pretty pics!

    Susan (from Brazil and from

  3. You are such a frickin inspiration.


  4. Cute! Gorgeous as always! x

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  6. Esther - the sunrise is amazing on tybee island. and at the lower end of the beach there are hundreds of sand dollars that wash ashore often.

    Love these photos - especially the first one - old glamour hollywood is what it reminds me of.

  7. Gorgeous photos! My mom always told me, no trip is complete without something to come back for. If I ever go back to France I'll go back to Villefranche Sur Mer, where the Mediterranean light glowed off the pastel houses.

  8. Just been perusing your blog. Great images.

  9. These pictures are breathtaking! Great job.

  10. I've been a quiet reader until now. I really like what you publish here.
    Travelling is one of the most beautiful thing in life in my oppinion. I cant say where my favourite place is, because every place in the world has something beautiful, sometimes in a special way.
    Once I visited sweden- I was very young but I can remember well-and it was the most beautiful nature there.. I want to go back!
    Have a good time, greetings from europe

  11. So nice pictures, Esther!
    I love travelling and dreaming of it too and hope that I´ll can travel more one day :-) For now I have beautiful experiences from Cairo (for example boating on the River Nile in the evening), from Spain ( mainly the mountain Montserrat with benedictine abbey)or from Cambridge ( punting on the river Cam around buildings of university) and so on...
    Anyway, I´m your follover from Slovakia. I don´t know about you but lot of people in the world doesn´t know Slovakia or they had not ever hear about it. I just want to tell you this is a nice country in the heart of Europe with beautiful places too (even Slovakia is a small and not so rich country). When I was 14 I have visited Pieniny and the river Dunajec and it was very very wonderful for me, like travelling to fairyland :-).
    Anyway, I´m sorry for my bad english :-) Have wonderful summer days with nice experiences and nice photos too :-) I like so much your photos and admire how you can sew and create clothes so perfectly...

  12. hey girl really nice post and lovely photos!
    love your sunnys..
    wanna follow each other?

  13. These pictures are breathtaking!!!! Love your headband and your glasses.

    Style and Paper

  14. Hi, Esther, this is Mrs. Heritage. It was great to talk to you today. You have a lovely blog! Looking forward to meeting you soon!

  15. Your lip color in this post is really beautiful. Do you mind sharing what you are wearing?