Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook - Skirt Variation

Well I've been in Savannah for over three weeks now and I'm absolutely in love!  The people here are so friendly and it's incredible to be surrounded by a city of fellow art students.  This summer my time was filled with work projects and preparing to leave. Now that I'm starting to get settled in Savannah I feel like I finally have the time to post the work that I made this past summer.  Here is a skirt that I made, and a photo shoot that I took back in August while still in Indiana.  
I made this skirt over three years ago.  It was when I was asked to be a part of the Burdastyle Sewing Hand Book.  They asked me to make a variation of the pattern that they were first-time releasing in their book.  It was very exciting to be a part of it!  

The skirt pattern is one of the 5 patterns that are in the book.  My variation separated the panels on the skirt instead of sewing the overlay together like in the original.  That way it gave a lot of movement and flow to the skirt.  Also I did some hand sewn bead work detail on the waistband and bottom of skirt panels.

Sketch from three years ago - it's crazy to look back on old work! 

^I'm the 1st on left in the 2nd row.  (Photo snatched from this lovely blogger/seamstress).

This was my first project using an invisible zipper and it definitely shows!  I even remember writing an apology note that I sent along with my skirt to Burdastyle explaining the poor quality of the zipper. I didn't know that an invisible zipper was supposed to be sewn using an invisible zipper foot so I sewed it using a completely normal pressure foot.  I know all of you experienced seamstresses are gasping in horror right now.  Thank goodness for kindness, because the lovely ladies at Burda never said anything about it.

 I'm pointing out that zipper, because it's very encouraging to me to look back at old work and compare it to more current work.  For instance, this zipper compared to the zipper on this swimsuit. It's cool to see the growth that can happen in a couple of years.  It always reassures me that with time and practice I can learn how to properly make a technique that I'm struggling with now.

Have you ever made, or created something that turned out badly but later you learned how it's really supposed to be made?  If so, tell me about it!  What are your tricks or tips?  If you have a picture anywhere include a link in a comment.  I loved checking out all of your bedroom links from my previous post!

I did a lot of collaboration work this past summer, which was so much fun!  About 3 months ago my friends Zac and Jonah asked me if I would be willing to take some photos to go along with the songs for their new band Ariadne.  Their song "Guardian Angel" which hasn't been released yet, was the inspiration behind this photo shoot.  

Music has always been one of a main inspirations behind my photography.  Music has the ability to touch and inspire one in a way that words can't.  It was fun trying to translate what they were saying through their music, into my photography.   

Here's the first song that they posted.  I definitely recommend liking their page to keep up with any upcoming works that they post! 

I'm very excited for the new collaborations that I'm going to have here at SCAD!  Classes are incredible so far, and I can't wait to post some of the photos that I've taken while I've been here in Savannah.  Hopefully I can post those sometime next week.  Until then, I hope your weekend is lovely! 


  1. I've only recent;y started following you but your work is really impressive! And I love the photography on your blog! Good job!Keep it up!!!

    Spotlights on the Redhead

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation, I can't wait to check it out!

  3. The skirt and photo shoot are lovely. It was nice to read about your experience contributing to the Burdastyle book, it made me laugh a little bit. And it'a great that you have learnt from your mistakes! :)

  4. So beautiful. I really did love your variation on the skirt. it must have taken ages for all that beading!

    I used to always do set in sleeves wrong and end up just making a little tuck under the arms and of course the shoulders were always tight. Then my mum finally showed me how to do it properly. silly me

  5. Lovely! Can you tell us what sort of beads you used AND how you sewed them? They look beautiful

  6. you are incredibly talented, I love it!♥

  7. You always have insanely amazing photographs!! Alex

  8. I used to have a problem with invisible zippers--they were never invisible! However, my last few projects have been truly invisible. The next thing I want to master is sleeves--I'm afraid to try any project with sleeves, but I have to tackle it sooner or later!

  9. your blog is all kinds of lovely and beautiful!

  10. Oh! I didn't reallize that you were one of the Burdastyle book contributors, but of course you were! Your skirt is lovely. Mine is the black/white polka dot one on the right side page. My workmanship wasn't great either... I used the selvage edge on the ruffles to save time finishing them. I'm looking forward to hearing about your experince at SCAD. It was one of my top picks for an art school, but I chose another. Good luck!

  11. Wow, what a fantastic achievement :) Well deserved.


  12. The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook is how I found your blog! That skirt is gorgeous--I don't know how you have the patience to hand-bead, but well done.

  13. Hey Esther!

    I just wanted to let you know that my blog has moved from to -- I follow yours and I don't know if you ever look at mine but I thought I would let you know... just incase.


  14. such a lovely skirt! you're such a talented young lady, great to hear your work is appreciated

  15. That skirt is a dream piece for me, from this day forward (goes back to sewing on buttons with reckless abandon).

  16. It´s so beautiful! And made with love, perfect :)