Friday, February 14, 2014

Metal Beaded Necklace

I made a new variation a few weeks back of the Multi-Colored Beaded Necklace (the link goes to the tutorial).  I played around with some different beads, and I used a chain instead of ribbon as the neck tie.  I'm really enjoying making these necklaces, because they're something that I easily pick up at anytime.  Whenever I need a short creative break from drawing or painting for my classes, I'll work on a necklace. 

^Inspiration journal page. 

I'm currently working on sewing a new dress whenever I have a bit of free time between school and work.  I'm really excited to share the finished piece with you!  I'm making it for a photo shoot idea which is going to be carnival inspired.
Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Ooh! that's a wonderful print, I love all the colors, can't wait to see the finished result.
    The journaling sounds like a good idea. I should do more of that... and will the necklace match it?

  2. I love that necklace! So beautiful and chic!

  3. You are so inspiring, that necklace is so beautiful! I'm excited to see the dress when it's finished!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day to you. I love this new make and the inspiration behind it.

  5. Just found your blog through BurdaStyle, and I love your style and pictures. Great necklace! Thanks for sharing the tutorial and showing different versions of it!

  6. Dear Esther,
    Love your creativity. Wish I had your talent and courage. Keep on keeping on! I love it.

  7. Hello Esther, even though I don't know you in person, you are kept close in thought as you study, explore and create via your passion and heal from the loss of your brother. Hope you are doing well and finding wonderful moments to enjoy each day.

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