Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Photography: Pow Pow!

 All photos are self portraits taken by myself.

It's been really enjoyable to have the summer to expand and explore with photography.  Because my major is fashion design, during the school year most of my time goes into design projects, and I don't have a lot of time for photography.  It's been so much fun for me to enjoy the summer and have the freedom to still explore and play with photography.  I've been experimenting even more with this ink-splatter technique, which I like the way that it adds a different texture to photographs.

Green jumpsuit (stellar jumpsuit, feel in love at first sight) - Sheinside
Jewelry - Forever21

I have about a week in Indiana left before I head back down to Savannah for the new school year.  Right now it looks like this is going to be my last full summer home, which is so strange to think about.  My next summer I'd like to start the internship/apprenticeship process, and I'm not sure what city that will lead me to.  I've started packing my room up with only the necessities, and throwing everything else out so that my family can turn my room into something useful for them.  I don't know where I'll be next summer, which is exciting, but nostalgic at the same time.

What was your moving-out experience like?  Were you happy, sad, nostalgic?  Tell me what this stage of life was like for you!  And if you haven't gone through it yet - what do you think it'll be like?


  1. very cool technique! how much your photography has grown is really inspiring :)

  2. Beautiful photos and a really nice technique! I moved out four years ago and I really looked forward to it. I was so excited to move to my boyfriend and my relationship to my mother was also very difficult at this time. Now everything is fine and even better than before, so moving-out was perfect and I never regret it.

    1. Thank you Daniela! And thanks for sharing a bit of your moving story! Sometimes space is needed for a relationship to grow into something better than before. I'm glad that you had a good experience :)

  3. Wow I adore your jumpsuite, and your pictures are just amazing!

    So sad that this will be your last summer vacation home, but an internship is also very cool!

    I've also moved out last year, it's was very strange and fun at the same time. Hardest thing was not seeing my friends and family so much (and not having time to do hobby-stuff).
    But I'm really excited to start this year because I got into med school! So I'm sort of starting all over : )

    Good luck this year ; )

    1. Thank you for your kind words and oh my goodness, CONGRATS ON MEDICAL SCHOOL! What an incredible accomplishment, your family must be so proud of you! I wish you much joy over this next year for you :)

    2. Thank you! It's such a relieve that I'm finally able to do what I've been passionate about the most : )
      Good luck to you next year as well!

      I actually don't know why I replied anonymous, so ignore that : )

  4. It's silly, but I feel sort of sad that you won't be home next summer as much, as if I'LL be the one missing out, not your family. I just hope you'll still be blogging!

    1. Aw thank you Rebecca, gosh that is so sweet of you to say! I'm hoping to still be blogging as well! I'm not sure how intense this next school year will be, but right now my plan is to keep it going :)

  5. perfectly executed photography!! and that green jumpsuit….gorgeous!

    i went straight into college two weeks after high school, graduated college at the age of 20!
    i made many mistakes on my first job….and now i look back and have all that experience, good and bad, under my belt.

    good luck to you. it is so fun to keep track of your progress!


  6. I really adore your jumpsuit!! :) x Great photos. <3