Monday, July 25, 2016

Parent's Story & Process

My parents have such different interests from one another that for their intro collages I wanted to show their different backgrounds with their childhood pictures and favorite toys.  Their stories were the most fun to play with on garment placement, because there were so many possibilities.  That's what the below process pages mostly experiment with.  

My parents both grew up in Indiana.  My dad from the south part and my mom from the north.  They met in the middle when they went to collage.  My mom was studying fine art, her focus being painting.  My dad's major was agricultural economics.  That focus was to be a cowboy.  They married young while still in school and once graduated moved out to Nebraska, because my dad got a job as a wrangler on a dude ranch.  

They lived life of cowboys for a bit - though, while it may sound romantic saying it's the opposite is an understatement.  They lived in a small rundown mobile home that was infested with rats and flies.  Their closest neighbor was 50miles away so only the cricket bugs were around to keep my mom company while my dad was out with the horses all day.  One day my dad came home to find my mom doing laundry and talking to the cricket bugs like they're her best friends.  At that moment he realized this was not so much of the western dream he imagined.  

So they moved back to Indiana where my mom continued painting and my dad went from a cowboy career to a computer programming one.  And he's been wrangling HTML codes ever since.



  1. What a special and truly unique way to celebrate your parents - I'm sure they must be very proud <3

  2. I am so impressed with your transfers. Did you learn this at school or at home with your Mom?

  3. I am so awed with your exchanges. Did you take in this at school or at home with your Mom?


  4. Everything you do is amazing, Iread you since 2010 I guess and I admire you so much <3