Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sparkly Things

Over the summer, I looked at a lot of broken glass.  It was comforting and beautiful to see light reflect and bounce off of something considered incomplete.  The summer, was also a huge healing process for myself.  I felt a little broken at the time, but by the end of the summer I was a little more pieced together and shards of glass really didn’t seem like it fit this upcoming chapter.  

I didn’t end up going with broken glass.  

I went with something a little more whole.

I didn’t want to look back at this time of my life and see my art and remember it as broken. I didn’t want anything I created to give off this feeling. I wanted something more whole, something more healing. So, instead of using broken pieces of glass, I starting dreaming up the idea of using real crystal.

It all started with meeting an amazing artist here at SCAD. Hannah (this girl is filled to capacity with creative energy). I’ll be talking about her in later posts fo sho. This girl's heart is beading.  I mean, she live it, dreams it, breathes it.  She'll stay up for hours till 3am beading away, not because of a deadline that's making her stay up to these sunless hours, but because she just gets so wrapped up in the processes and love of a finished piece.  We soon became friends and talked about working together.  I wanted to use what she was most naturally gifted with.

With that, I decided to no longer use glass. and reached out to the lovely people at Swarovski Crystal. I’m incredibly thankful to be working with them, who were so kind to sponsor Hannah and I in this collection. These crystals the most sparkly, radiant things I've ever seen and I couldn't be more excited to work with such materials!

And now for your eyes some sparkly things!

For more vids and swatches for dayzzzz, check out my gram! 
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  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing...and I'm glad you had a summer that left you feeling more whole. This is going to be amazing.

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  2. your knitting is wonderful :) such beautiful creations!

  3. These are absolutely beautiful. I'm in awe of how delicate these look. Never stop!


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  5. these are gorrrrgeous. i am so so happy i found your blog, it was one of my favorites growing up (i followed you way back in 2010). i remember being so impressed with your photos and the fact that you made a dress out of tin foil (honestly? still impressive). also the fact that i am also from indiana made me wanna read more. it's so amazing that now you're in SCAD, keep going dude!!

  6. It's so good to have an update from Miss Esther! And so good that you're healthy & happy. Best to you always.

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  9. Nice and gorgeous! Hats off to Hanna's dedication! Keep up the great work!