Sunday, September 27, 2020

Last Post & New Adventure – Esther Andrews Bridal

Hello old friends,

It feels strange writing this post after starting this blog over 11 years ago when I was only 14-years-old.  I remember starting this blog and thinking no one would ever read it.  Now 25-years-old, I have met some of my truest friends because of this blog and for that I am grateful.  Thank you for growing with me and keeping up with my work over the many years of change.  

After being inactive for a while now, my heart is feeling a beautiful sense of closure to officially write what will be the last post on this blog.  And I am excited to leave you with something new: I am now growing-my own namesake bridal knitwear brand – Esther Andrews

I started working on this brand last year, in the fall of 2019 after moving out of NYC.  Z and I were staying with his family in Atlanta while we caught our breath healing from the stress and hustle of our life there.  I had been working as a knitwear designer for several labels at the time.  I even got to design and work with a few of my childhood dream labels, which that 14-year-old self would be over the moon about.  But a dream of what an industry is... is not the reality. And I saw a lot of reality while I was working. And I got burnt out, and angry by that reality, and I needed to leave.

So Z and I left the city.    

In Atlanta time shifted and moved much slower.  I had time to cook, eat, and sleep again.  I had time to think and daydream.  I could sit outside and let my mind wander.  And it wandered to Indiana.  To my knitting tree.  That maple with the perfect branches that I would climb at age 8 with my skeins of yarn and knitting needles.  I wanted that life again.  

I slowly started working on a business concept that was centered around that.  I started knitting again.  I saw a need for winter bridal attire that was warm and still flattering for brides of all ages and body types.  So I started sketching and researching.  I took my time and over the course of 9 months my only art was my business plan.  I didn't want to rush the process.  I wanted to define what my intentions and values were first.

I learned that kindness and sustainability were the most important elements.  Sustainability to me is taking care of those you love- treating people and our environment with the care and respect they deserve.  I saw too many cases of underpaid sample makers, hand making luxury garments that sold for $4,000 and being paid cents on the dollar for their art that they'll never have their name on.   I saw first hand the piles of fabric waste that were taller than the seamstresses sewing the pieces. I saw my industry, an industry that I had always loved and admired, not taking care of their own people.  

I became really angry and cynical throughout those years in NY.  I was making art that didn't have a purpose, because I couldn't think of one.  Slowly, thankfully, I have been coming out of that cynicism, and have been moving to a place of purpose again with this new business, and trying to grow something that hopefully brings a little bit of change.  What I have written on my website is the first few steps of my new voice.  I hope that you'll continue to follow with me on this journey as I grow this new phase of life. 

I will keep this blog going, but my presence will be inactive.  Sincerely thank you for all of the encouragement, kind words, and friendship over the years. I am sincerely thankful for the beautiful butterfly-effect-gifts this blog has given to me <3 

Below this note are all of the online places to stay in touch.  I hope that you will comment with your own social handles so that I may follow you back in return :)

Sincerely grateful,



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Photography,  Ruth Yaro
Branding, Esther Clark


  1. Congratulations on your new path, Esther!!!!
    I have followed your blog for many many years and your work has always inspired me. I have loved watching your imagination and creativity grow, and am so glad you have found happiness in what you are doing. You deserve it!!
    I'm not on social media but l always do look at your instagram for inspiration and will definitely continue to watch your journey. I hope one day to own an Esther Andrews original.
    Many well wishes from Australia, Tamara:)

  2. I was so excited to read your announcement on IG! I've been following your blog for a decade. Your art, your voice, your style, and your story have been a source of light, and I'm so excited to follow you on this next adventure! All of the congratulations, Esther! ~ IG @geostatstacy

  3. Oh Ester! I can so Identify. I have given up almost completely on my small one man label because of so many of the things that you have mentioned. I had a moment of facing the reality that I was working for half of minimum wage here in south Africa . I am not sure If I will continue making and creating for any one other than my self , but I will never stop. The thing is, like you, I need to find my love for it all again. But after reading your post, I have hope again. Your blog and IG have inspired me through the years and I will definitely follow along on your new adventures.My ig handle is @katinkaponders and I have a blog by the same name