Monday, July 13, 2015

A Girl and Her Cat

My oldest and dearest friend of 19-years left earth today. There's something special and sweet about a pet's soul.  They have so much love to give and they share it in the simplest ways.  They're light little puffs of light to each day.  

Bobbie was my first pet that I ever had.  I got him when I was 18-months-old and we had a thick bond from the beginning.  He was one of those rare gems of a cat with the loyalty and tendencies of a dog.  He lived outside, and since we were in the country I spent most of my childhood days outdoors playing.  

He'd follow me on all my adventures.  I'd go fishing in our pond - well he'd be sitting right beside me to see what I'd catch (or more likely didn't).  I'd go walking in our woods, and 10 feet behind me there he was coming to join.  He came with me on all my photo shoots, and I've had to Photo Shop his tail out of a lot of the final images.  
There was a tree in my front yard that on the 2nd large branch up to the left there was a nook against the trunk that fit the spine of my back perfectly.  This made for a fantastical knitting escape, and I would climb up and knit for hours in elementary school.  It was deemed the title “The Knitting Tree” by everyone in my family.  No one bothered me when I was there, and I was able to focus on what I was doing: needle in through the front, yarn over, pull through, slip the stitch off, repeat all afternoon long.  

Of course, 5 minutes into knitting, I hear this scratching noise and of course it's Bobbie climbing up the tree to see what I'm working on.  He'd sit to the branch next to mine and keep me company as I knit, purl, knit, till someone called me inside. Then we'd both hop down from our spots and walk back to the house together, 
The Knitting Tree
Bobbie also had the appetite of a dog.  I had a routine of swinging in a tree in my backyard at least once a day.  One time I was swinging and snacking on some Saltine crackers when Bobbie hopped up on my lap and nudged me with such a fervor that I just had to give him a part of a cracker.  He LOVED it.  From there I tested other foods on his palette and found that he enjoyed peanuts, mini marshmallows, and completely flipped for raisins.  Again the loyalty and appetite of a dog.  

He was also the best listener.  Whenever my brother Daniel was in the hospital I'd go outside and talk to Bobbie about it.  He was always there to lend a listening whisker as I rubbed his sweet spot between his ears.  
Losing a pet is, of course, not as severe as many other sad things that happen in life, but I decided to share these memories, because it's still worth taking a moment to remember a dear sweet soul that is no longer on earth today.

Bobbie, you were the best cat, dog, knitting/saltine eating companion a girl could ask for.  All the peace in the world little friend <3>


  1. That strikes such a chord with me Esther. Spider was a companion to me much like Bobbie and at the same time of life as your friendship too. My black cat loved fruit yoghurt, first lick the yoghurt then eat the fruit. My sympathies on your bruised heart with the loss of Bobbie.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine growing up with a pet as a toddler and having him your whole life. I loved reading your stories about him.

  3. When Esther was a toddler, she named him Barbie - for a couple of months - until the vet told us that Barbie was "Ken". Oops. From then on Barbie became Bobbie.

    Bobbie Socks was his name of endearment, because he had white paws that looked like he was wearing white socks.

    My favorite memory of Bobbie was he always sat at the end of the driveway waiting for me to return from my daily walk to greet me and get stroked. Bobbie was a sweet and gentle soul. Rest in peace, dear Bobbie Socks.

  4. cute cat!

  5. I'm really sorry for your loss. Many people don't consider the loss of a pet to be such a big deal, but it is big when the animal has been a part of your life for so long! I have a sixteen-year-old buddy here who's been around me since I was nine, and I'm so happy he's still healthy because I know I'd be heartbroken if he was gone.

    I'm sure he had a fantastic life with you!

  6. Such a beautiful ode to your dear little friend Esther, thanks for sharing.

  7. This is really beautiful, Esther. I'm sorry you've lost such a good friend!

  8. Losing a pet is so painful. This post brought tears to my eyes... Animals never let us down, they love us and that's it.

  9. What a wonderful fur friend your Bobbie was. He sure had a full and well-loved and long life with you and your family. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  10. A beautiful tribute to your sweet friend.

  11. What a sweet kitty - it sounds like he had a very charmed and happy life which is the best we can do for them. I read many years ago on the internet somewhere that having a pet is like having your own mini-tragedy, as we will invariably outlive them. But we have pets anyway as they can be such mutually beneficial relationships.
    My condolences for for your loss! <3

  12. A lovely story and many happy memories that you can savor about your sweet kitty friend. I hope you can remember the good times with Bobbie and smile. ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  13. oh, gosh. such a beautiful story.
    this sweet fellow was obviously your soulmate in life, and his spirit will always be with you.
    he knew you loved him, and he loved you. and, isn't that grand??!

    rest in peace, sweet bobbie....

    and much love to you, dear precious esther from the sticks....


  14. I'm so sorry. It's always bittersweet when someone who brought so much joy into your life stops; since they could never have left your life without having brought all that fabulousness with them in the first place. <3

  15. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious baby. I lost my 20 year old fur baby cat July 18, 2015. It was devastating. I still can't get it that she is no longer with me. Had her since she was a baby. I feel your heartbreak. We mourn our pets as we mourn the loss of humans because our pets are our family members too.

  16. I hope you're doing okay. I miss my cats every day, but the memories are still there. He's having fun you can bet, romping around with all the other dearly beloved kitties, and I'm sure he is always thinking about you.
    Love from a fellow cat-enamored girl