Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hello everyone! Tell me all about your summer! How’s it going so far? Mine’s going great! I’ve been sewing like a mad woman! I love being able to just sew all day and not having to worry about homework!

Here’s a dress I made this week based on one that I saw on Glee, (yes I’m a Gleek.) I made it from an old lavender sheet that was lying around the house…no sheets are safe in my house. I painted the print on by hand using watered down acrylic paint. It has an invisible zipper on the side for getting in and out of and then has scalloping on the hem. Scalloped hems are really fun and easy to do. I learned off of a tutorial from the lovely people at Burdastyle. :)

I hope you're having a wonderful day! Happy Friday!


  1. this dress is supercute. nicely done! also love the handpainting you did. it's a great inspiration :)

  2. you look so lovely in that dress! and the shoes!

  3. yaay! adorable dress!! and shoes!!!
    i really like yor photos! <3

  4. Wow! You are a genius! Seriously, that is really beautiful. I love how you upcyled (i think theat's the right term :P) those sheets. And painting them with watered down acrylic? Never thought that was even a possibility! I've always wanted to learn how to sew, but your blog makes me want to learn rightthissecond!!!

  5. Beautiful dress, you are so talented!
    I want to make a dress just that style! Did you use a pattern or make the pattern yourself?

  6. What a pretty dress!! It totally looks like this one:

  7. You are so stinking creative. The dress looks very cute!

  8. Adorable! Have you painted fabric with acrylic before? I'm wondering how it holds up after washing, because if it stays fine, then I need to do this soon!

  9. this dress is wonderful . . .first thing I thought was where can I get it. Then I read that you made it!!!! very impressive!

  10. Thanks you everyone for such kind words!! :)

    Cait: Thank you! Yes I made my own pattern. But it's just a simple shift dress with a gathered skirt. Super fun and easy to make! I think Built by Wendy has a pattern like it if you'd like to make one. :)

    Emily: That's the dress I saw!!! I was wondering what brand it was. :) Thanks for telling me!

    Dorice: Thank you! Yes I have and it works really well. It'll fade just a little, but it keeps really well after washing it. I try to make sure that it's watered down pretty good because if it's too thick it can make the fabric all stiff. But I paint clothes all the time with acrylic and it works fine. :) I say go for it!

    Lauren: Aw thank you so much! I just found out that the one I saw on glee was made from Anthropology. So I'm sure you could still find it there. :)

  11. GAAAHHH!! your photos are always so impressive--and you have such nice backgrounds. =]
    thanks for you comment! <3
    isn't it wonderful being able to sew and do crafts all you want?
    I started an embroidery project and am quite happy with it--I'll post pictures soon. and that's AWESOME about your camera--I have a D70, but am wanting to upgrade soon. (I prefer my film to the digital right now.)

  12. such a lovely dress, the colour's amazing! you always make me want to start to sew, haha:)

  13. Dear Esther,

    (love that name) I found you beautiful blog via, Burdastyle. I just had to sign up for a friend because as I read and feasted my eyes on your photography and tremendously talented designs I wanted to make sure I could find my way back here. Thanks for the moments I spent.

  14. Hi Ester,
    what a beautiful dress.. You did awonderful job.I am so impressed in the fact, you love to sew ..and make garments from sheets and what ever.. But most of all. that you love GOd.. What a great statement to make... I love HIm too..
    I am going to follow your blog.. You are super talented.. and will go far..
    God bless..and look forward to more beautiful creations.. Judy

  15. You're amazing...I've never seen anybody like you are. You've got so many ideas and all your dress...just great!

  16. You have a beautiful style.
    It's very romantic- and vintage enthused.

    I'm looking through your photographs right now!
    So much love <3

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  17. Wow! You're really extremely talented for your age. I love what you can do with a sheet! BRAVO! Keep it up! :)

  18. that dress is absolutely charming, and your shoes are so sweet as well; they remind me of a pair of warm cognac leather shoes i used to own, and, regretfully, threw out. keep up the amazing sewing work, your pieces are incredible and you have a beautiful eye for design.

  19. Esther - You are so inspiring and I am in awe that you created that beautiful dress yourself!
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  20. That dress is adorable! The shape is feminine but simple, and the print is fun and unique.


  21. This dress very beautiful and remarkable. And to you it very much goes ^^

  22. This is an awesome dress. Love the bow/belt; not too sure about the shoes though.


  23. You have such fantastic photos and clothes! Those oxfords are so perfect for summer and I love your dainty little dress. You should look at Rockie Nolan's photos - your hair sort of reminds me of hers, as well as your photo style. Following you now. :)

  24. Hi:)
    just wanted to say that I love your photos. They have certain je ne sais quoi about them, certain magic.

  25. Gorgeous photographs! Love the look!