Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dreams are Sails

Hey everyone!! So a couple of weeks ago I went to an art camp at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. I seriously can’t thank them enough for everything that they do!! I learned so much and I had so much fun and I found my long lost twin!! :D Seriously she has to be my twin! We both have red hair, we both like the same music, we both love art, our favorite stores are thrift’s crazy the list goes on forever! We had a slumber party the other day and did the photo shoot together which I will be posting later. :)

Dreams are Sails from FWMoA Education on Vimeo.

At the art camp I was given the chance to work with video, which I had wanted to do for the longest time! And I can definitely say that I LOVE it! It was a little tricky trying to film myself though. I shot everything on a tripod and used manual focus to film all the scenes. For the shots of where I’m up in the tree I taped my camera to a ladder with masking tape. I was so afraid that the ladder was going to fall…I had to pay my little brother in candy bars to get him to hold the ladder for me. Haha. I designed, drafted and sewed the sailor jumper seen in this video to create a nostalgic feel of the 1930s.

I want to make a very special thank to my AH-mazing Grandma!!! I seriously couldn’t have done it without her!!! :)

I hope you enjoy!

Music: Glosoli by Sigur Ros


  1. Amazing talent! I am continually in awe of the things you can do. There are no limits to your future.

  2. I absolutley loved that! I even watched it twice! My friend and I have been playing a lot with clip films like this, its so much fun, with loads of possibilities. I'm glad you have found yet another talent, hopefully we can see more of these in the future :)

    P.S Awesome sailor suit!

  3. That was absolutely incredible! Very well done :)

  4. great job! what kind of camera did you use?

  5. Wow! I have been a fan of your talent for some time now Miss Esther! You really have such a gift and I always eagerly await new posts from you! This video does not disappoint! It is very beautiful!


  6. the video's beautiful! and the sailor outfit is so lovely:) x

  7. That video is so gorgeous! I'm extremely jealous of the beautiful fields you live by.

    To what art camp did you go? I live in Indianapolis and I'm always looking for fun things to do!

  8. It's beautiful. Us Gingers have some sort of divine connection. :)

  9. Brilliant video, the sigur ros fits with it perfectly! I recently discovered you off of Etsy and love your work. (coming from another red headed 16 year old designer). Bonne Chance!

  10. Excellent shots! you've got a great eye for art. The idea was so magical and lovely. I can´t forget that image of you sailing on a tree,it feels like I dont want to touch the ground ever and continue living that sailing experience. Oh girl, you're so talented. I hope you post more videos like that cause I just want to repeat an enjoyable view. I don´t know what else to say Im like an emotional explosion (lol). I'll wait for more ;)



  11. Oh, my God, that was beautiful. I can't even tell you how much I loved it. Thanks for posting it, really.


  12. Thank you everyone for such kind words!!!

    Woolbridge: Thanks! I used my new baby, the Nikon D7000.

    LucyGrace: Thank you! Oh no way! :) It was a day camp at the Museum of Art in Fort Wayne. This was their first one and it was soooooo much fun! I hope they do it again next year! I believe there's an art camp at the Herron School of Art in Indianapolis though. That one seems fun too and it's a little closer to home for you. :)

  13. This is gorgeous. I am sharing it on my facebook page. I have been saving up to buy one of your prints and am so glad you're back from vacation! :)

  14. That's a really wonderful video, Esther, so innocent and inspiring. You have really got an eye for editing.
    This totally inspired me to download my Sigur Ros catalogue into my mp3 player to take with me into the humid Philadelphia rain today...

    I actually have a question for you that I thought would be too random but since this is a video art post, why not! My question is do you have any favorite films you can recommend, films that inspire you? I'm sort of at an impasse with that whole area lately, and movies just don't touch me the way they used to. You've got such wonderful tastes, I'd love hear your input if you have any.

  15. Alice: Thank you! Yes Sigur Ros is amazing I have every, single one of their albums! :)

    No that's not random at all! I'm happy to answer any questions! Oh my goodness I have so many!! I'm a rather big movie nerd! Ok here we go...
    Ondine- A beautiful story and has beautiful settings! Makes me want to go to Ireland!
    The Village- amazing settings!
    Peter Pan (2003)- I've seen this movie so many times!! It's one of my main sources of inspiration!
    Bright Star- It's a really beautiful story and has beautiful settings and the costume designs!
    Tess of the Durbervilles (2008)- Such a beautiful and sad story! It's beautifully done but I'm just warning you that afterwards you will feel sad for about a day.
    Stardust: It's a very fun and imaginative story!

    This is a commercial, but it makes me smile every time I watch it!

    I have so many more, but I won't overload on you! Maybe sometime I'll make a post on all my favorite movies. :) I have so many!!

  16. Your short film was amazing, I loved the intercut between the smiling woman and her youthful memory... very beautiful indeed!
    Ondine is a great film, shows off Ireland for the magical place it is..well I may be bias since I am Irish!

  17. That video is so incredible - sounds like you had an amazing opportunity and you created something really very beautiful - I really enjoyed watching it and you are obviously very talented.

  18. That was beautiful! I loved the part where your bare feet found the rhythm of the was a evocative build-up to the release of the sails. Really poetic and moving.
    You inspired me to try a little self-photography with timer and tripod-maybe you can take a look if you get the chance.

  19. Esther,

    Just wonderful!

    Please keep on blogging and posting your pics. They are truly wonderful to see!

    I wanted to share the project I did last fall with my line of handbags called "Indiana Abandon". Please take a look.

    Unfortunately, I can't continue expanding the line as it would be a conflict of interest with the company I'm currently working for, but would love to expand and evolve it in the future.

    Keep on posting!

    Sincere thanks.

    A fan.


  20. really beautiful!! very innocent and inspiring...

  21. That video was truly inspirational and it blew me away.

  22. hi!!! your video is just awesome and touching a little bit!!! but I totally fell in love with your style & blog!!! Followin' you!!!

  23. This was really, really beautiful. You did a great job. I can't wait to see what amazing things you continue to come up with!

  24. Hi, I just found your blog through Kollabora and have been enjoying your posts and photoshoots. This video really struck me as something special, especially for someone still in high school with so much to learn. I'm reading a book by Tim Gunn right now and he talks about how exciting it is to come across young people with talent and potential, just thinking about the amazing things they will do. I couldn't agree more! Thanks for the hard work you do to share your work on your blog.