Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Back in the Day

I just finished my first quarter at SCAD!  Finals ended this past Thursday and it feels so good to be on break.  I have 6 weeks before the next quarter starts and in a week from today I'll be back home in Indiana.  Since my last final I've been catching up on all of the fashion websites, and magazines that I didn't have time for in the past couple of months.  Which of course brings me to mention this month's Vogue with Jessica Chastain's feature, photographed by one of my favorites - Annie Leibovitz.  What a visually inspiring photo spread.  Not to go overboard, but also Tim Walker's editorial as well (I can't tell if this was just a really good issue, or it's been too long since I've opened a fashion magazine so everything is hitting me as flawless).       
All photos taken by myself

      Outfit - Hat and pants: Red Clover Boutique,  Blazer: H&M, Scarf: chiffon fabric, Shoes:  LeBunny Bleu 
(The oxfords from LeBunny are so comfortable!)

I'll share some of my artwork assignments from this past quarter in my next post.  That's pretty much been my life for the past couple of months so my blog is going to be void of sewing projects for a while, but that'll change just after a couple more weeks into my break!

I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving! 


  1. Loving these shots! And yay for being done with the quarter! I wish work had nice breaks like that, ha ha :)

  2. Amazing outfit. (:


  3. These photos are fantastic, as always.

    P.S. - Let's just talk about the December issue of Vogue. It is one of the best in so long. We will discuss when you get back home. xxxx

  4. Very beautiful photos! I love the pants and the shoes!


  5. How do you take such lovely self portraits? They are always stunning. Do you use a remote? :)

  6. lOve!!!

  7. gorgeousssss outfit, you look amazing! How are you? Havent seen you in ages hope every thing is ok <3

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